How to Better Monetize Your Website with Pay-per-click Ads

Do you own a website, blog, personal page or social networking site? With AdClickMedia Pay Per Click Network you can monetize yours in an instant. Read on.

Google AdSense has always been popular for site owners to make money via PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. However, many rant that Google AdSense is not paying a fair share of money to publishers.

There are plenty of alternatives available, but most fail to deliver the following:

  • Pay per click is very low because there are not many advertisers competing to display their ads on your site.
  • The ads look like those of Google AdSense’s – why bother joining other ad networks if you can get better PPC opportunities with AdSense?
  • The ads displayed are often not related to the content of the site.

AdClickMedia is able to ‘debunk’ the three issues above. First of all, it is a Banner And Text Ad Network offering three different, if not unique, ad types:

  • Photo Text Ads – You can display customizable photo text ads on your sites (get paid 50% ad revenue for each click you deliver.)
  • Interstitial Ads – These are full page ads displayed in-between pages, during a transition from one page to another page when your site visitors click on any links – the ads are highly converting and have high EPC (earning-per-click.)
  • Banner Ads – The good old banner ads; you get 50% share for every click you deliver from your sites.

Here’s something Google AdSense can’t offer you: Behold, passive income enthusiasts – you can earn 10% recurring income from your AdClickMedia referrals.

The ads are simple to install on your site – AdClickMedia claims 1-minute ad integration. The ad panels are customizable, allowing you to blend your ads to your site’s design. You can also target your audience and monitor your earnings in real time for transparent reporting – a great feature that Google AdSense can’t offer publishers.

And if you think that AdClickMedia’s service is somewhat been-here-done-that, here’s what makes AdClickMedia unique: AdClickMedia’s Support Team offer one on one personal support and campaign management service, free of charge. Just call (845) 383 1138 during the business hours, Mon – Fri, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

The support, simplicity and quick integration can help you focus on the right thing; all you need to focus on right now is traffic building. In PPC, traffic and conversion play major roles in your income generation. AdClickMedia Publisher Network can help you convert better; now you are left with traffic building (including search engine optimization) to drive not only plenty of traffic to your site, but also laser-targeted ones.

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