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Online and web-related technologies and operations are moving toward automation. Does the off line counterparts are gearing toward automation, too?

Let’s take home automation as a case study. Well, what do you think of automating your bathroom? For example, digital shower? The digital shower can be controlled from any room in the house, including the temperature. Once the water reach the desired temperature, an audible noise will chime notifying you. How about shower enclosure, toilets and other bathroom furniture and accessories?

How home automation can help you?

Home automation is basically the automation of household appliances using electronic devices and wireless technology to control them anywhere in the house.

While it sounds pretty much like Bill Gates’ home, home automation can help you if you are someone with special need, working at home or simply love tech and innovation that can help you to be more productive. For example, the digital bathroom equipments and accessories can help you multitask your activities at home, including house chores and working at home.

The great news is, this technology is becoming more accessible than ever. You don’t need to be as wealthy as Bill Gates to automate your home.

One thing to keep in mind in considering home automation – Will it benefit you? e.g. Is remodelling your bathroom to accomodate the wireless digital shower and such can offer you solutions, instead of more problems?

Technology can help us do things more and better. However, you need to implement the right technology for the right task – Exaggeration can only lead you to become a tech junkie.

Do you have any thoughts on home automation and how home automation can help you with? If so, please share your thoughts by commenting on this blog post.

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