Google AdSense Tips that Will Bring You from $10 per Week to $1000 per Week

I believe most of us are dreaming of making thousands of dollars from Google AdSense. One of the questions lingering in our heads is: How?

Maybe a success story would help…

I stumbled on a forum thread on DigitalPoint that is started by Chris from Australia who claimed has increased his Google AdSense income from $10/week to $800/week (Updated: $1000+ a week – See his forum signature.) While for some of us $10 a week is already a good achievement, making $800, even more than a thousand dollar a week is pretty much amazing.

The thread was started almost three years ago, and it has stirred quite a response from the other forum members. The post is long and need some time to discern the info (some forum members were ‘complaining’ about this, too) – Nevertheless, once you get the gist of the post, you learn a thing or two that most AdSense experts hide, highlighted by his successful layout that is responsible in making him $1000+ a week.

Here are some great tips from the thread:

  • Choose a topic (a.k.a. niche) that is not based on the high per click income, but based on your familiarity and knowledge – This way, you can bring the site to the fullest potential, and this is way much better in the long run.
  • Offer value – Write unique, on-topic articles that people would wanted to know or were searching for.
  • Create a winning-template to showcase your well-written articles (need testing, testing and testing.)
  • Implement the basics, must-do on-site and off-site SEO: Keywords in title, interlinking pages on the site, link building, etc.
  • It’s proven to be better to build several sites you are familiar with, instead of lots of sites in high-paying niche (i.e. a blog network)
  • Experiment a lot – Never be afraid of doing trial-and-errors. Once you have found a working formula, apply it to your sites.
  • Learn as much as you can from forums, ebooks, books, classes, seminars – The key is to give you an edge over the rest of the pack.
  • Work hard, stay motivated and set detailed and measurable goals and targets.

Here is the layout that could make you $1000+/week (notice how different it is with Google’s suggested layout):

Google AdSense Official Ad Placement Guide

Google AdSense Heat Map

Chris’ Google AdSense-Optimized Site Layout (click on the image to enlarge)

Chris Google AdSense-optimized Site Layout

I’m going to try the layout! Any success stories to share?

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