Generating Traffic With EntreCard

EntreCard is a traffic exchange system where you advertise with your widget on your blog other peoples blog ads. You will be using virtual currency called EntreCard Credits, or “EC”. With EC, you can purchase advertisements on thousands of blogs, or shop for hundreds of products and services in EntreCard’s virtual marketplace.

When you are signing up you are asked to create a 125×125px image ad or create a text ad for your blog. You will need to add a widget to your blog. Once you have earned enough EC you can advertise to other people blog. Click on Campaign at the top menu, and find the blog you want to advertise with. What this, you will send the user a request that you want to advertise on their blog. If they approve then for one whole day your ad will show on their blog. You can have traffic from other people blog with EntreCard.

Every time someone purchases an advertisement on your blog the cost of your ad goes up. Blog with higher Alexa, Page Rank, and Technorati Authority, will have higher ad cost.

Oct 24, 2008 by
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