Does your web designer help you reaching your target?

Ask your web designer, “Do you help me in reaching my target?, Do you do Search Engine Optimization?”
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique of attaining a high ranking in search engines via your site code to make it more search engine friendly. Website are build to help people reach their target, like selling products. Many people search product by looking at search engine. So what’s your rank in google for your targeted keyword? 

Most of web designer (not web developer), usually do not help you in getting high rank in search engine. Lots of web designer does not have a clue about SEO. What they sell is website beauty. They will convince you to build expensive, flashy sites, and sites with beautifull design. If you have a big company, then it is OK. People has already know you. But what if you are a small company? You will need SEO to help your future client to find you. 

To have good SEO on your website, your web designer need to put your targeted keyword on your page title META tags, and content. They should also consider the keyword density in your page. Too much keyword will be considered as spam by google. 

Remember, users generally only explore the first and second page of search results. If you site isn’t in the top 20, you won’t be found.

Sep 12, 2008 by
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