Do Follow for wordpress

Back in the day when blogs were first created, spammers used to abuse blog commenting by putting bad comments, trying to promote porn or gambling sites. Google then implemented the “no follow” tag, which mean they are not crawling for the url, and pagerank and indexing are not improved for the target sites. They hope to discourage spammers.

Unfortunately, the “no follow” tag bring bad result too for good comments on blogs, because they didn’t get any link from commenting, either. Now you can use Askimet plugin, and prevent those bads comments into your website.

There is now a “movement” to remove the “no follow” tag from the comments to encourage others to leave comments on your blog. In wordpress, the “no follow” tag can be be turned off by the installation of a “no follow” plugin, like

Aftter making your blog into “do follow” blog, you can try adding it at “Do Follow” Blog Directory

Jun 28, 2008 by
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