Deciphering The Green In Green Web Hosting

In today’s time a lot of attention is being attributed to the protection of the environment. People and organizations are finding new and unique ways to reduce their carbon emission and have a less detrimental impact on the environment. In the same context hosting providers are also looking towards newer ways of reducing their impact on the environment. One such endeavor to protect the environment from the damage has been the launch of green web hosting solutions by hosting providers across the globe.

The green in green web hosting denotes that even web hosting providers have started caring for the environment. A green web hosting plan is just like a conventional hosting plan; the only difference being that for a green plan, the electricity that is used to power the servers running that plan comes from renewable source of energy. This way there is protection of the environment from the pollution that is created in generating energy from fossil fuels. Not only this, green hosting plans make use of better technologies that are aimed at conserving energy and improving efficiency.

Also, when a hosting provider offers a green hosting plan, it takes some other steps too which can contribute to the protection of the environment. For example, green hosting providers might be offering paper less billing systems, use energy rated servers instead of conventional ones, reduce server inefficiencies by optimizing for both performance and power saving, etc.

Nowadays, hosting providers can very easily turn green by either producing their own electricity from renewable sources of energy or by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates. A Renewable Energy Certificate is a certificate that denotes that the electricity that is being supplied to the user has been produced using a renewable source of energy.

There are several inherent advantages to using a green web hosting plan for your online venture. The biggest advantage is that you are doing your bit in protecting the environment from damage and pollution by opting for a green web hosting plan rather than a conventional plan. Another advantage is that most of the governmental bodies look to promote the use of energy efficient systems and renewable sources of energy. Hence, the hosting company offering such a plan might have access to subsidized power which can drive down your hosting expenses.

Another big advantage of using such a plan is that you can portray an image that yours’ is a company that worries about the future and is doing its bit in protecting the environment. Portraying such an image might drive more customers to your website and provide the popularity that your business had been looking for. Not only this, the use of a green web hosting plan might also enable your business to generate trust and confidence in the eyes of your customers; something that can have a significant impact on the revenues of your business in the long run.

Hence it can be said that a green hosting plan aims at offering a service that is both professional and non-taxing on the environment. Thus, it becomes the duty of each organization to take into account this aspect and opt only for a green web hosting plan.

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