Dangerous domain

Dangerous domains.
According to a report to be released by antivirus software vendor McAfee Inc, the most dangerous domains to navigate to are “.hk” (Hong Kong), “.cn” (China) and “.info” (information).

Some of McAfee test result of dangerous or potentially dangerous to visitors:

  • “.hk” is flagged 19.2 percent
  • 11.8 percent of “.cn” sites
  • 11.7 percent of “.info”.
  • “.ro” (Romania), with 6.8 percent
  • “.ru” (Russia), with 6 percent
  • “.com” lest than 5 percent
  • “.au” (Australia), with 0.3 percent flagged.
  • “.gov” (government use), with 0.05 percent flagged
  • “.jp” (Japan), with 0.1 percent flagged

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080604/ap_on_hi_te/tec_dangerous_domains


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