Conversion website secret

I just started selling product from Ewen Chia. The ebook will reveal the 40 most common pitfalls well-meaning entrepreneurs like you fall into when trying to create a money-making site.
Here are a few more things you can discover:

  • A service that allows you to locate slow loading graphics and bad links on your site…and where to get it for free.
  • The one thing you have to keep in mind every time you create a website. (Hint :not everyone sees things exactly as you do).
  • What type of fonts should you use online? And why? What can you learn from direct response offline marketers?
  • Should you use Flash presentations on your homepage? Or not? And why? The answer may surprise you!
  • Explained: The concept of “themes” in your website. What is the importance they play in your conversion rate?
  • The 4 ‘little foxes’ that can spoil the overall professional appearance of your website. Are you sure you are not making one of these mistakes as we speak?
  • The common temptation that many companies fall into when creating a website…and why it can spell disaster for you. You will learn how to avoid this fatal mistake.
  • What style should you use when “talking” to your visitors? Formal, informal or what? And why? So many people make this mistake it’s not even funny!
  • Should your salesletter use correct grammar? Or not? The answer may surprise you!

Buy it here.

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