Colocation Hosting: How Can it Benefit to your Business?

Colocation is a hosting solution that offers a halfway point for many small and medium businesses between owning your own rack and data center and using a standard hosting solution, by renting out the bandwidth space you need for your data and hosting.

Colocation solutions address the high bandwidth needs of the client by providing a data center to host your own hardware but without the costs of running a data center, managing the vast amount of data within it, and the IT team that it requires to keep your business moving smoothly.

This form of hosting provides clients with a means of bulking up their hosting power with much more bandwidth than standard hosting services, with a dedicated bandwidth space in a data center.

The biggest advantages that most companies find is the means of reducing IT costs and that they are protected from outages much more so than usual, which is vital for keeping your business running smoothly 24/7 with your data safe and secure in the provided data center.

Managing costs

The idea of moving your data to a colocation site may seem quite difficult but with the right solution for a business looking for more efficient management of their data and online matters, it will be worth the investment in the long term.

One of these long term benefits will be cost reduction for your business, especially in maintenance costs. By moving your data center to a rented space in a colocation site, your IT management costs will not be as cumbersome and your colocation services can be managed on a monthly basis.

Crucially, your data remains protected on the colocation site with utilities that would often be far too costly for a small to medium sized business to invest in by themselves.

Support systems for your business

When any problems do arise at your business, you have access to the necessary support services to see you through your difficulties. Depending on the provider, you opt for you may have chat, email or support ticket services to help you out.

Most importantly colocation hosting allows for better performance and speed for the money you have invested with the power and support system behind it that your own in-house date center would not achieve.

Secondly, by opting for a colocation hosting solution, you can make room for easy scalability and growth when needed in the future. If you are using an in-house data center, adding or removing bandwidth can be a big task but with a colocation data center, your bandwidth is handled offsite with a service tailored for you and, generally with a very fast turnaround time.

Colocation hosting solutions, like those offered by CenturyLink Technology, will appeal to businesses in different fields, especially those with heftier hosting and storage needs, while providing the relevant back-up and security for peace of mind when placing so much information off site.

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