Cloud Hosting can Make Your Site to Load Faster and Handle a Surge of Incoming Traffic without Account Suspension

Cloud computing for business has grown in importance. Despite still many businesses reluctant in integrating their business to the cloud, the real benefits of going cloud is apparent.

Going cloud offers business owners both increased productivity and lower costs related to IT infrastructure.

For webmasters and website owners, going cloud can be done by hosting their sites in cloud hosting. Luckily, cloud hosting providers are now great cloud business solutions as the market is there and the benefits are apparent.

Cloud hosting is basically a web hosting that integrates hosts its file on the cloud – on various web servers in various geolocations. In layman’s term, your website files and folders are being “broken into bits” and host them in different web servers automatically.

When a visitor visits your web site, the files and folders related to the web page is loaded from the cloud. This “on-demand access” allows resources to be allocated more efficiently and effectively, resulting in faster page load – which is a good thing for both site visitors and the search engines (Google consider page load as a factor in determining search engine ranking of a site.)

What’s more, some cloud hosting providers, such as SiteCloud, implementing load-balance system, guaranteeing your site to always-on, regardless of surges in traffic – thanks to the leveraged resources of the cloud. This could results in account suspension in most conventional web hosting providers’ shared web hosting plans.

If you have a site that is well-visited, please consider host your site with cloud hosting.

Dec 6, 2010 by
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