Choosing Web Hosting Provider for Your WordPress-powered Site: Myths Debunked

If you want to build a website based on WordPress CMS, you need to decide probably the most important thing in website building: Choosing the Best Web Hosting for your WordPress-powered website.

First things first – let’s debunk some myths in hosting your WordPress-powered website:

Myth #1: Any web hosting settings will do

Facts: Not all web hosting are created the same; each web hosting provider comes with its own plus and minuses. When you are about to establish a WP-powered website, be sure you understand that WordPress is built using PHP programming language and stores information on mySQL database.

Those being said, you need to know that PHP/mySQL works best on Linux hosting. WordPress can actually run on Windows hosting, but there are some limitations that you don’t want to encounter, especially if you are a novice programmer on non-techie guy.

Even better, you need to look for the Best WordPress Hosting provider. Such web hosting provider is similar to other web hosting providers, except the fact that the web hosting provider is WordPress-savvy: Web servers that optimized for WordPress and Support team members who really understand WordPress inside-out.

Myth #2: Using cheap web hosting will do

Fact: Cheap web hosting is, well, cheap for some reasons. Even if the cheap hosting offers unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, you need to understand that the most expensive resource is actually your web hosting provider’s web server CPU.

Cheap means quantity, so expect your cheap web hosting provider to oversell web server spaces that will results in your WordPress-powered site to run slow, even got suspended for excessive CPU usage.

That being said, WordPress installations are resource-hogger, even when they are optimized or cached. WP-powered sites will run well on “regular” shared hosting, but when the hosting provider oversells, you will get yourself into trouble.

Also, please be aware that cheap web hosting usually comes at the expense of reliability. Cheap and reliable won’t really happen in real life, I suppose.

If you want more affordable web hosting, choose the reliable one offering attractive discounts instead of going for cheap – indeed, discount web hosting is way much better than cheap web hosting.

Myth #3: WordPress installation is a real hassle

Fact: No. Did you know that you can do a 1-click WordPress installation when you choose the right web hosting provider? Such capability is being offered by web hosting provider installing instant installation scripts, such as Fantastico De Luxe. All you need to do is just filling some details, and with one click of a button, WordPress will be installed in seconds.

Unfortunately, not all web hosting providers offer such luxury. Be sure to ask the customer service regarding the availability of such feature.

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