Bootstrap Your Business Website Building Efforts with Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are lifesavers for website owners and online entrepreneurs who don’t have the luxury of big working capital. I don’t see any reasons why you don’t want to use them in buying a domain name or signing up with the web hosting provider of your choice.

You see, I’d say 80 percent – even probably 90 percent – of business websites on the web today are started by budding webpreneurs who have limited budget. That includes me.

How I bootstrap my way into online entrepreneurship

I started out 3 years ago with limited budget. From the limited budget I buy domain names and sign up for a web hosting account. I DIY the rest – web design, web development, SEO/link building, traffic building, etc.

In my early days of my webpreneurial journey, buy domain names with GoDaddy Coupon codes. As they are time limits related to the coupon codes, I regularly search the web for the latest coupon codes. I even got a chance to buy domain names from GoDaddy at $1.

I also did the same for signing up with my web hosting providers – I use Web Hosting Coupon codes to get (considerable) discounts. For instance, I can get 1 cent web hosting offer from HostGator (first month only) using a HostGator hosting coupon code.

In building a website, I use free scripts and themes widely available on the web today. For instance, if I am going to build a website using WordPress, what I do is to sign up with HostGator, do a one-click install of WordPress using Fantastico available from your HostGator cPanel, install a great WP theme widely available on the web, monetize the site with affiliate programs and PPC ads, and there you go – a web business ready to launch – for less!

How coupon codes can give me unlimited ROI

In any businesses, return-on-investment (ROI) is an important factor in deciding whether your efforts are worthwhile or not.

As of for me, my return on investment is almost 1000 percent – or 10 times my initial investment – days in and day out. It’s good business, in my opinion.

All I do is use coupon codes to buy domain names and sign up for web hosting accounts, develop and promote the websites myself, and keep/sell the websites on website marketplaces; rinse and repeat.

If I can do it, you can do it, too!

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