Analyzing Bounce Rate

Bounce Traffic in Google Analytics means that a visitor is leaving the same page where he landed without clicking any internal link. While bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who enter a site and then leave immediately.

Bounce traffic can be considered good or bad depending on the visitor’s activity. There are two posibility when a visitor did not click any internal link. First he reads the content, and has found something that he needs. Second he did not like the content and leave without clicking any internal page.

With Google Analytics you can check bounce rate based on browsers, Operatings Systems (OS), Browsers and OS, Screeen Color, Screen Resolution, Flash version, Java support, Network location, and traffic source (by search engine, direct traffic, AdWords, etc). By looking at high bounce rate, you might found why it has high number. For example, you might have high bounce rate on a specific browser like IE, because of CSS problem which damaging website layout. You can also build a marketing plan from examining high bounce rate on specific traffic source. Do advertising that brings low bounce rate.

The ideal number of bounce rate is determine by the type of website. Portal usually have much lower bounce rates like 10-30%, because people will look for information there. While a simple sales page with ‘buy now’ in the bottom of the site usually has higher bounce rate like 70-90%.

Here are posible high bounce rate:

  • Poor content
  • Poor design and layout
  • The type ot website. Some website do have higher bounce rate.
  • Long loading time.
  • Many link to external site will have higher probability that the visitor click the link and visit another website.
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