Advantage and disadvantage of hyphens

Many people ask “Is it good using hyphens in a domain name””. Here are a few considerations when choosing your domain:


  • It is easier to read in print like in business card. So hyphens is better for offline promotions. Just compare these two: or
  • Hyphenated domain names works better for search engine. Although current search engine technology has impoved much, they can be confused. can mean “home mortgage snow” or “home mortgages now“.


  • It is hard to say. If you are on radio and your domain is, you need to say “home hyphen mortgage hyphen deal dot com”.
  • Many people will usually forgot to type the hyphen.
  • Url’s with hyphens do not look professional.

Only you can decide whether you are using hyphens or not. What do you think?

Oct 20, 2008 by
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