5 tips to get more comments

Comments in your blog is very important. The more comments you have, the higher your traffic. Lots of comments usually means your blog have good community. Here are tips to get more comments on your blog:

  1. Ask people to comment. You can use the word “What do you think?”, or “Do you agree”.
  2. Give opportunity for people to satisfy their ego. You can ask “Does any body have solution for this?” or “Does any body have experience with this?”
  3. Use ‘Do follow’ on your blog because bloggers always find blogs where they can have backlink to their website.
  4. Choose your topic well. There are some topics that attract more comments. Controversial article usually have lot of comments.
  5. Answer or reply comments in your blog. This will encourage people to comment more.
Jul 29, 2008 by
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