5 Tips to Choose the Appropriate Web Hosting Provider

It’s surprising that many website owners underestimate the importance of choosing the right web hosting providers to host their sites.

In deciding the right one for you, you need to identify what would be the best scenario for you. Hosting a 5-page websites is different to hosting a 500-page websites. You also need to identify your platform – HTML pages can be hosted anywhere easily while pages using markup language and database access (such as ASP or PHP) are better-off hosted in a certain type of web hosting.

The following are some tips you should consider in choosing the best web hosting provider for your needs.

1. Windows or UNIX Web Hosting

First, you have to decide which operating system you will host your site in. Windows web server hosting is less-desired these days because many programming capabilities can be done in UNIX web server hosting, unless you want to take advantage of the all-powerful .asp and .net.

Hint: If you are using CMS for your websites and would like to have a SEO-friendly link structure, I highly suggest you to host your site in UNIX web server. Windows web server is having problem in supporting URL rewriting systems, and change your server is a hassle and not many web hosting providers offer you this free of charge.

2. Free or paid web hosting

The general rule of thumbs is that web hosting providers charge a hosting fee for a reason – They offer top-notch (supposedly) customer service/support and superior web server reliability.

On the other hand, free web hosting providers charge nothing also for a reason. Free web hosting providers charge you nothing in exchange for either link backs/ad supported pages or service upgrades with the web hosting providers they are affiliated with. Take note: Customer services/support could be a problem.

3. Choice of Web Hosting Services

You must decide whether the range of services provided by a web hosting provider is appropriate to what you are expecting. For example, if you want to install scripts on your site, consider a provider that offer Fantastico, allowing you to install CMS and scripts, such as WordPress and PHPBB in one click.

4. Reduced price or free domain registration

As in #2, reduced price or free domain registration is offered for a reason. Be sure you read the fine prints – Some web hosting providers offering cheap or free domain name registration charge a premium rate for domain renewal.

5. Secure server transactions on their server

If you are planning to run an online retail site or any other websites accepting payment or involving personal information exchange online, the availability of a secure server is a must. Consider a web hosting package that includes SSL or hosted shopping cart.

What’s next? You need to compare web hosting providers and decide which one has the best value for money.

Jul 7, 2009 by
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