3 Must-Have Software for Internet Marketers

So many people I meet in business want to get into internet marketing. But lately, its people I meet on line, on the street and in the coffee shop that are looking, too. They ask advice about how to get rich on the internet because they heard some story about a Harvard drop out that made a billion before he was 19 or something. How do you help someone like that? These are not the early adopters that were on BBS’s in the 80’s. These are people that never heard of paying five thousand dollars for an IBM PC with a 5 megabyte hard drive. They are the new comers. These are the people that are just learning. I tried to think of just the right thing to be helpful. I didn’t want to overwhelm. I didn’t want to over simplify. I wanted to think of something that would give them a start and also lead them into learning more at a gradual pace.

I came up with the idea about the basic software required to do internet marketing. If you’re going to sell on the internet, you have some minimum requirements. These are pretty much for everyone. The first and most crucial is a way to manage and send info to contacts. There needs to be a contact management system. There are several companies out there that do it all on the web so you don’t have to store any info on your local machine. This could be considered software as a service. It’s in the cloud and you can access it from any computer if you have your username and password

Another key software program would be a website or blog tool like Joomla or WordPress. These are kind of templates that let you pick colors and styles and don’t require you be an expert in HTML or any other programming language. They give you a presence without forcing you to be a programmer. Finally, I’d recommend to them some kind of a payment gateway. There are companies like Clickbank that handle all that for you. There is the ever popular PayPal and there is also a bevy of companies that let you accept payments directly on your own web site. Depending upon the approach you are using, these 3 software programs or services can make it possible to make all the money you want on the internet.

Amber Tate is a highly successful entrepreneur and writer. You can read some of her works at http://www.kanetix.ca, or you can google, “insurance quotes” for more information.

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