Only 4.13% of Web’s Code is Valid

According to Opera, the majority of web sites don’t adequately support web standards. Only 4.13% of the URLs included in the studies sample size — which was over 3.5 million web pages — passed the W3C validator.

The results came from Opera’s “Metadata Analysis and Mining Application” (MAMA), a search engine that  crawls Web pages and returns results detailing page structures, including what HTML, CSS, and script is used on it, as well as whether the HTML validates. You can find a lot of interesting things from MAMA, like:

  • Web server market share: Apache (67.72%), and IIS (25.91%).
  • The size of the average primary document in MAMA is almost 16,500 characters.
  • US has 32.57% URL using flash, while China 67.03%. Flash is a popular thing in China.


Oct 17, 2008 by
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